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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Any online retailer or brick and mortar business that uses a website to sell directly to customers can't expect to succeed without an effective marketing strategy. It is paramount to the success for any online business that they achieve a high ranking on relevant search terms so that they can be easily found by potential customers. The fastest way that an online business can achieve high visibility on the web is through the services of a competent SEO optimization company. A top SEO company will offer effective SEO optimization and marketing strategies to improve your page ranking and ensure that the top search engines position your business where it will be seen. Working in partnership with a qualified SEO professional, ensures that your website performs at its best and it benefits your bottom line.
The average business owner does not possess the knowledge and expertise of a SEO optimization expert to effectively run an internet marketing campaign. SEO campaigns can be extremely time consuming to research, implement and maintain. They can also be very expensive, so it is extremely important that the campaign is set up to get the best value for your marketing dollar. When your business depends on customers finding your website, it only makes sense to hire a top SEO company to develop and maintain your SEO marketing campaign. A top SEO company will build a SEO campaign that will improve your online visibility and improve your conversion rate. Most know the ins and outs of SEO management. They know what to do, and more important, what not to do to get your website ranking to the top. The best SEO experts keep up to date on all the latest industry trends and changes and are quick to tune your website accordingly to keep it on the right track.

Your SEO manager's primary goal is to bring as many visitors to your site as possible. The SEO expert often begins the process by asking questions in order to understand your business and your competitors. Specialized software is used to determine the most popular keywords that apply to your specific business on various search engines and generate the most traffic. With the right keywords selected, your SEO manager will add them to your website content, mindful of proper positioning, keyword density, and context. The ongoing supervision of your SEO campaign, including monitoring the effectiveness of keywords and site placement is another important function of your SEO marketing. Your SEO consultant will have the latest tools and software to monitor your site's progress.

What should you look for when selecting the best SEO company to manage your SEO campaign? A professional SEO company will provide a detailed program which includes an outline of the services they will provide, an initial analysis of your site, a competitor SWAT analysis, recommendations as to areas that need to be improved and a plan to implement the changes. Ask for testimonials from past customers. If a SEO management company cannot provide references, look elsewhere. Also beware of SEO companies that guarantee top page ranking. With so many variables, guaranteeing top page placement is next to impossible. If a company makes claims that are too good to be true, they might even employ illegal "black hat" tactics that could get your website penalized or banned by the search engines. The most important element in evaluating a search engine optimization company is their ability to place their own site near the top for the state or province or city they work in… along with the words “search engine marketing” or "search engine optimization". If they can't complete in their own geographic area with these terms, than in all likelihood, they won’t be able to do your site justice. Search engine marketing is competitive and a company that can place its own site organically (not pay per click ad words at the top of search listings) and that doesn't have good testimonial references, is not worthy of your consideration, regardless of price. If the company is using paid ad words for their sole placement, then run the opposite way as fast as you can. No SEO company should have to rely on pay per click to promote their own service.

As a summary:

  1. Choose a SEO company with good verifiable customer testimonials
  2. Check the placement of the SEO company's site for their state or province e.g. "Ontario search engine marketing"
  3. Talk to the company by telephone and ask questions as to their process
  4. Stay away from any SEO company that guarantees or promises specific placement results - there are too many variables, including competitors situations, to determine the final outcome of a SEO campaign