business1There are now thousands of companies advertising seo marketing skills hoping for quick riches and delivering short on results. There are more BAD search engine marketing consultants than GOOD seo consultants. It is essential that you weed them out because odds are not in your favor otherwise. Many of the offshore companies in India, Pakistan etc. work cheap, but their output is low quality … and the communication issues are a nightmare for most companies. More than a few will take your money and deliver NOTHING in return.

Almost every webmaster these days will claim they can optimize your site. Most don’t have a clue and are using canned programs or working with little or outdated information. A little bit of information is a dangerous thing and there are many things that you can do with good intentions that will hurt a site without expert knowledge.GOOD INTENTIONS DON’T EQUAL EXPERT KNOWLEDGE! RESULTS ARE THE LITMUS TEST FOR EXPERT KNOWLEDGE. Good seo’s have there own development servers and test bed sites and are not dependent on second hand information coming off forums and spread around at seminars.

There are other seo consultants who don’t take the time with you by phone, or in person, to learn your business and do a competitor SWAT analysis.You cannot properly optimize a site without understanding the customers business and geographic reach along with that of their competitors. This part of the process can take several hours.

Really good seo will check things external to your site – like your other domains for duplicate or mirrored copy, 302 redirects, backlink quality and other things that can affect your main site. They will also test for server stability. Servers that are low quality or overloaded will get burps or outages and if the Google Bot is on there spidering (as it does every day) … odds are not in your favor and when that happens twice or more your site is going to get punished until the Bot can see some long term stability. Quality sites need quality servers. Don’t scrimp on hosting. Don’t contract junk server space. Good seo companies often own their own servers and have them managed 24/7 by reliable data services.

Do your homework carefully and if you follow the advice on this site it’s hard to go wrong.