Now that you’ve seen a SEO comparison as per the SEO Comparison page let’s take a look at analyzing common threads of consistently high placing SEO companies. What you are looking for is the few companies that show up for both keyword sets “Ontario search engine optimization” & “Ontario search engine marketing” across the strata of leading search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask etc..

Results: shows up #1 on both keyword searches on all four search engines shows up #2 on both keyword searches on all four search engines

After these two companies it gets to be more of a mixed bag, but some show up consistently in the 10 top seos places for some of the search engines and at least one of the phrases:

First Page SEO and Ontario SEO are the clear winners but you should check out their sites or call them for customer testimonials and see what their customers say. No seo company should have a problem publishing or providing real customer testimonials of capability.

Your next step is to check the placement of a few of these customer testimonials for their top keywords. You can access their keywords by going to their page and clicking on VIEW and then SOURCE. Now you’ve really narrowed down the field of search engine marketing companies that can place their own site and can also place their client sites.

Remember if a Ontario search engine marketing consultant can’t place their own site for top keywords like “Ontario search engine optimization” then it is unlikely that they can place yours! The notion being, they are going to treat their own site as a marketing tool probably more seriously than they will yours. Things are far worse if they have to rely on Google Ad Words or other Pay Per Click programs just to be seen. Anyone can buy their way to the top with PPC but the assumption is most site owners want the organic site positioning first and mostly use PPC for supplemental themes only. It is terribly expensive over the long haul if you rely on pay per click for all your visibility on all your keywords. Don’t shop for a seo firm from Pay per Click advertising – look at the organic results below the advertising.

One other thing is that in the business of search engine marketing – experience counts … so ask how long they have been in business and if it’s only been a few years you might want to pass. A good quick way to check this out is to use the WHO IS domain Registrar lookup to check and see the date that they first registered their own web site.

Your last step is to talk to the search engine marketing firm and understand the breadth and cost of their programs. This is simple because after your research above essentially your shopping for best value for dollars. Try to find fixed price programs as consulting costs can go through the roof in a hurry. This way you can include these seo costs with confidence in your marketing budget and eliminate cost overruns. Most folks do this step first and it really should be your LAST step in evaluating seo service providers.

Most important – don’t rely solely on directories that list and rate seos. Most are accepting cash for inclusion and when money changes hands things can become very biased. Some well known directories market that they evaluate search engine optimization companies when in fact they do none or do a minimum evaluation just to make sure the company is for real and then rank in order of who can pay what. Because it is hard to sort out good directory advice from bad, you are always best to use the methodology as discussed above rather than rely on a directory list.

It will only take a few hours of your time to do a proper analysis, and you can be assured of good seo performance this way. If you pick the wrong seo and spend three months and get no where … you not only wasted your money, you had a three month set back on business results and income. To contract a good seo company you may have to wait a while to get started – because they are busy. Good search engine optimization companies are ALWAYS busy.This is a good sign. If someone says they can start your site tomorrow … walk away.